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   Meet The Pastor



  On January 17th, 2007, we arrived in Covington, Virginia from Bakersfield, California , to pastor Good News Christian Fellowship.  Cindee, Ross, Madison and I are enjoying our new church family and the beautiful Alleghany Highlands.  

Over four years ago, God began to prepare me for the ministry, specifically in Virginia .  He gave me dreams and visions of the mountains and rivers in Virginia and West Virginia and placed in my heart a deep love for the people of the Highlands .  At the same time, He prepared my family who are native Californians for the move to Virginia .  The transition has been smoother and easier than I could have imagined.  God is good and always with us as we move forward in obedience to Him. 

Before I arrived in Covington , God gave me clear direction for His church in the form of three words:  Restoration, Unity, and Action.   God is doing and will always continue a restorative work in us and this clearly defines the purpose of our church.  We are a restoration church which accepts people as they are.  We have been called to reach the lost, not to judge or save;  that is God’s work!  He has also called all churches to unite in one purpose, one mind, and serving one God.  As we unite and begin to take action in our communities, we will be focused and deliberate in carrying out the Great Commission Jesus Christ has set before us.  

  I am excited about what God is doing at Good News Christian Fellowship!  I have seen the Holy Spirit move in a mighty way in the life of the church the hearts of His people.  It is truly an honor and a privilege to love and serve our new church family.   

Love in Christ. 

Steve, Cindee, Ross and Madison Noel



Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever


 Hebrews 13:8


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